Four Reasons Copywriters Are Different

Each time someone asks what I do I proudly say, I’m a copywriter.  After which, an awkward silence happens followed by a strange look. Instantly I have to clarify what it is I DON’T do, which is copyRIGHTING. I’ll leave that up to the Library of Congress. 🙂 But, once I explain in detail what copywriting is, they get it. So, why’s there so much confusion?

Unless you’re a writer, most people aren’t aware copywriters even exist, let alone what they do. Everyone’s heard of freelance writers, book writers, bloggers, and social media writers. But, copywriters?

1. Copywriters love to sell

Copywriters are unique because we love to sell — with words that is. When you read a brochure, ad or website, you’re usually looking at some form of sales copy. So, what makes copywriting important? Once I explain, it’ll all make sense.

2. How we buy has changed.

We buy differently today. We live in an online world. We want information, but we want it fast, detailed and engaging.

Think about a website or article that made you laugh. You’ll most likely want to peek around the corner to see what’s coming next — right? Great copywriters write to compel your customer to keep reading. With the sole intention of creating interest in your product or service. So we’re very specific about how we craft our message. Our writing is customized to appeal to your audience.

3. Our goal is to create action.

Let’s say the goal is for your reader to buy something, sign up for your newsletter or send in an email. Whatever it is, a copywriters’ mission is to get your customer to take action. So why doesn’t every writer consider themselves a copywriter? Well, besides the sales aspect of the job, we also need to write compelling messages using the least amount of words possible. Let me give you an example.

4. We’re short, sweet, and to the point.

Picture yourself reading something. Do you really read all the text? When you come upon a Facebook post that becomes a novel, how often do you read the entire post? Even if it’s a post by your best friend. Instead, we skim read. Blogs and articles, ads and posts, websites and brochures, then we choose to read on or move on. In other words, for a business to sell their state-of-the-art gadget, they’ll need someone like me to create interest in seconds.  You see what I mean?

Basically, a copywriter is a writer, salesperson, scientist, and artist all wrapped up in one.

Now I won’t reveal all my secrets. But, if you’re still reading — I’ve done my job. 😉