It's Really About You

The magic behind copywriting is sales. And after twenty years in sales and management, I've gotten good at understanding how to use words to persuade customers to buy.

I'm fortunate to have written sales copy that transforms the image of my clients into something that truly represents them. Connecting with their passions makes it easy for me to write for them authentically. Once I understand what their goals are, I have everything I need to make their desires a reality. And for me, the transformation is exciting to watch.

Writing your copy in your words to your audience is what's important to me. Your customer should feel like they know you right away. When I'm able to make your copy read as you speak, then I've done my job.

My goal is for you to be happy with every word I write for you, no matter what it takes to get there.

What can I write for you today?

Angela Jackson - Owner

A Focused Mission

Using what makes you stand out from the competition is my mission. Knowing how to integrate your unique qualities into that mission, is my craft.​

Power In Connection

Choosing words that genuinely support your brand's image is my specialty. Connecting with you to ensure your voice is the foundation of those words is my plan.