Content Development Process

Building on the right foundation guarantees our success

Let’s have a quick conversation about what you need Every project is different so understanding your goals will put us on the path to success.


I'll outline the writing plan and draft a proposal for you to look over. Send it back with your approval, and I'll get working on your copy right away.

What's your customer's persona? Why are they looking for your product or service? What motivates them to buy?

Knowing what makes your customer tick will make it easy to perfect your messaging. You'll have clear and concise copy your that relates to your customer.

Researching how your competitors advertise their product is a critical step in the copywriting process. Our focus will be to find key benefits missed in their messaging. We'll underscore those benefits in your messaging and speak to your audience in new ways. Creating results-driven sales copy starts here.

Uncover your product's features & the benefit they provide to your customer. And make sure you're using the right words to describe your product and your potential customer.

Develop and integrate, your unique selling proposition or USP. What do you do and why should a potential customer choose you over your competitor? We'll make sure you stand out from your competitors.

Who you are and what you express to your customer is our starting point. It's the cornerstone to creating a powerful messaging strategy.

Our goal is to make sure we're speaking from your personality. Showcasing your unique qualities and communication style will anchor how your brand presents itself? Infusing your core beliefs and brand’s mission into your copy will drive lasting connections. All these steps working together build the voice and tone of your brand.

I'll compile research data in an easy to read format and discuss the voice tone and archetype. This way you'll know exactly what to expect when we review your copy. Once we agree, I'll begin writing your first draft.

Writing & Revisions

There are several steps to the process of getting your final copy delivered. Each step is essential to guarantee we stay on track and meet expected timelines.