Research & Discovery

Knowing your customer and your competition is the essence of effective copywriting

Customer Persona

Everything you need to know about your customer is right at your fingertips.

Understanding your customer is imperative when building powerful copywriting. Grabbing hold of what makes your customer tick, will guarantee you're appealing to the right audience. But, we need to know your ideal customers' core needs and weave it into your copy to attract quality prospects. Following a simple process will put us on the right track in understanding the best way to reach them.

Buying habits, goals, age and gender and shopping trends reveal your customer's persona. Once we know who your customer is, we choose the right words to build your copy.
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Who is your customer?

Which ideas and values do you possess that appeal to your customer? Why should your customer choose to do business with you?
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What does your customer want?

How are you a better choice for you customer? Do you offer a lower price, better service or a higher quality product? If you were your customer, why would you buy your product?
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Why is your product the best solution?

Competitor Research

Without it, we'll miss the mark

Every product has features and benefits to describe them. But, which appeal the most to your customer? How is your competition marketing their product? What can you say that the competition isn't to make you stand out? Quality research reveal the answers we need to create a powerful unique selling point. Highlighting these ideas in your copy draws your ideal customer to you.

How does the quality of your product or service compare others?
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Do you offer a quality product at a lower price than your competition?
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Is the quality of your service better than service offered by other businesses?
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In this age of the Internet of Things, many businesses offer similar products — but there's only one business like yours.